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We have a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs growing locallly and here on the property.

Prepare yourself for a unique visit to our little farm in the rainforest.


If you are planning your "volunteer vacation" here at "A Beautiful Day/ Nani La 'Ao" you will be propogating, harvesting, and preparing your vegetarian meals using these fresh ingredients. Our programs are designed for visitors who love being at one with the elements, connecting with the land, and enjoy animals. Your tasks will include specific instructions, but you will also be expected to step in and help in whatever areas are necessary. It takes alot of work to run our little farm, there is no paid onsite staff and sometimes the weather and unexpected maintenance issues can arise. We expect our volunteers to help out cheerfully whenever possible, and to cooperate to resolve any difficulties. You will be given easy tasks, and your hours will be approximately three per day. You will have time to explore some areas of the island. The "hele-on" bus can take you to most of the areas around the island for only a dollar or two, but our property is a steep 3-mile hike up the hill. The weather can be unpredictable, from warm sun to heavy downpours, so navigating can be somewhat challenging. It is a good idea to rent a car for part of your trip. Please note that the treehouse accommodation, although it is our most popular, is also our most rustic. You will not need to bring linens or camping gear, but it is in a real tree and the cooking area is outdoors. As with any rainforest, there are bugs, there is rain, and sometimes things happen suddenly or without even being noticed in the rainforest. So plan accordingly, and plan to be involved! You will learn alot, and we hope you will enjoy the experience. 


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