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Sherri Carden


Born in USA, Hollywood California

Began creating art at the age of five. I was very concerned that the birds were flying in the rain. I drew them flying holding umbrellas. I had crayons, but no paper, so I drew them on the undersides of the drawers on my childhood dresser, (which I still have.) Afterwards, I remember standing on top of the dresser so I could reach the ceiling and high parts of the walls whild demonstrating my technique to my little brother. Mom was not as pleased as I'd hoped when she returned. Then we took a trip to the ocean. After that, I knew what my purpose in life was: to help the environment and it's occupants. Profound planetary purpose.

My entire life revolves around being an artist, and incorporating while sharing it with others. I was told once to tend my garden well, because there wasn't much I could do about the rest of the world except be a good example. I spend alot of time envisioning ways to make the world a better place through my efforts of happiness and creating beauty. I hope to inspire others through my work to tap into their own creative skills to help humanity.

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