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Step into a Magical World

The Enchanted Gardens
Where magic and unique art works come together in an extraordinary location... a rainforest in Keaau...just a short drive to some of the most exquisitely beautiful sites in Hawaii! Prepare to be stunned by the nearby beautiful lava flows, rugged coastlines, warm pools, waterfalls, and much more! If you are staying overnight, it is best to arrive between 3-5 p.m.

Our Property

Our Property


Our Plants and Animals

We have lovely, graceful and meditative gardens throughout the property. We enjoy visitors who appreciate and respect nature and beauty, and wish to embrace our holistic approach to living well. We encourage our guests to join us in: 

Our Animals


Our special animals here are an integral part of the magical lifestyle we embrace. All their love and happiness helps to nourish many of the fruit and nut trees on the property, which are used in many of the meals. When you eat this food, you are nourished with a special organic energy like one other. 

Our Plants


Our vegetables are all planted using organic matter from our trees and animals. The process of creating mulch for the plant base is simple and efficient, and yields healthy and nutritious food. The excess is then fed back to the animals again, completing the cycle. It is a healing and efficient way to plant and grow, and the fruits and vegetables are delicious! We hope you will enjoy them during your visit.

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