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Our Farm

We are a unique and biodynamic permaculture farm. All the animals and plants work together with the elements of nature and the environment to create the unique setting you will experience during your visit. There is Mocha Latte', the donkey, who is in charge of the farm. And the family of Holland Lop's: Penny, Olaf and Truffles, who live with Sugar Dumplin's, the guinea (she doesn't like to be called a pig.) Then there's Christmas Cakes, the cat who may come up and visit you on the lanai! There's also Chili the dog, Shorty Cakes and Miss Daisy, the chickens with the fluffy feet. Also the ducks, Lucy and Ethel, and the pheasants: Nellie and Nelson. We hope you enjoy visiting with them during your visit! If you have questions or wish to contact us, please let us know how we can be of help!

Enchanted Gardens in Hawaii

Address:16-1436 39th Ave, HC 3 Box 4643 Keaau HI 96749
Tel:  (808) 990-6838

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