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Our Gardens

Our biodynamic permaculture "food forest" is an ever changing and exotic oasis. We welcome visitors who enjoy feeling the earth and appreciating nature. We strive to create and maintain harmony here between tha plants, animals and the environment. We hope you enjoy your visit here!

Rainbow Eucalyptus Gardens

You will be surrounded by huge and beautiful rainbow eucalyptus trees. Be sure to bring your camera, and plan to spend some time here enjoying their beauty and their fragrance.

Meditation Gardens

Plan to spend some time relaxing and unwinding during your visit. It's a nice idea to take some time to enjoy the beauty here and maybe even get a massage. (We are a professional licensed facility with a professional massage therapist onsite.)

Walking Gardens

Walking is one of the healthiest things you can do. This is a beautiful property, and there are some lovely paths to explore and enjoy.

Edible Gardens

All of the food grown on the property is organic and nutritious. And everyone helped! Be sure to thank the bunnies, guinea pig, ducks, pheasants, chickens, and the donkey. And feel free to pick something for a snack! 

Breakfast in the Garden

We provide all items for your breakfast for your first morning! Fresh fruit (most of which is grown right on the property), yogurt, coffee, tea, granola, bagels,English muffins or banana bread and everything you need to spread on it. There is a tray upstairs if you'd like to carry it down to eat in the garden. Or just sit upstairs and enjoy the view from your private deck. The choice is yours!

Orchids are in every Garden

We hope you love orchids, anthuriums, ferns, palms and ti. They thrive here, and we never know which ones will be in bloom when you arrive. So be prepared for a surprise!

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